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Numerous seasonal and holiday offers are available through Indian Railways(IRCTC)' tourist division. There are tourist trains from the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation in addition to the deals and packages. One-week, three days or two-day trips are organized based on convenience. The IRCTC covers the country's entire geographic area. For festivals of music, dance, and other cultures, there are specific packages. The packages are listed below, and users can choose any of them to proceed to the IRCTC website and make a reservation. Bon Voyage

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Visiting Place (₹) Rupees ($) Dollar (€) Euro (¥) Yen Get Info
Tirumala Tirumala Balajidarshanam ex Nanded ₹ 6,670 $83 84 € ¥10,472
Padharo Padharo Rajasthan air package ex. Ranchi ₹ 39,250 $491 493 € ¥61,623
Amritsar Amritsar Vaishno devi tour package ex Ajmer / jaipur ₹ 10,740 $134 135 € ¥16,862
Ranchi Ranchi patratu rail tour package ₹ 9,370 $117 118 € ¥14,711
Grand Grand tour of Gujarat ex Bilaspur ₹ 17,035 $213 214 € ¥26,745
Udaipur-city Udaipur-city of lakes tour package ex Delhi ₹ 5,175 $65 65 € ¥8,125
Holy Holy ramayana yatra ex Itwari ₹ 15,770 $197 198 € ¥24,759
Beautiful Beautiful Bihar rail tour package ex. Hwh ₹ 16,050 $201 201 € ¥25,199
Hornbill Hornbill festival tour with irctc ex-Guwahati ₹ 24,650 $308 309 € ¥38,701
Temple Temple tour of puri with Konark dance festival ₹ 33,900 $424 425 € ¥53,223
Classical Classical odisha (international sand & konark dance festival special) ex Bengaluru ₹ 21,900 $274 275 € ¥34,383
Madhya Madhya pradesh maha darshan ₹ 25,850 $323 324 € ¥40,585
Royal Royal rajasthan ex Bengaluru ₹ 34,820 $435 437 € ¥54,667
Fascinating Fascinating Sangai-Hornbill fiestas ex Imphal ₹ 31,830 $398 399 € ¥49,973
Vibrant Vibrant Gujarat with statue of unity air package ex. ranchi ₹ 35,300 $441 443 € ¥55,421


India is a diverse and culturally rich country with a wide range of attractions and landmarks. Here are some of the top places to visit in India:

Taj Mahal:
This is located in Agra a city in Utter Pradesh northern part of India. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a must-see place for anyone travelling to India.
This prominent beach resort on India's southern coast is well-known for its beautiful beaches, delectable cuisine, exciting nightlife, and Portuguese colonial architecture. The unique river-based casinos are yet another draw.
This state in northwestern India is home to a large number of historical forts and palaces, including the City Palace and the Hawa Mahal in Jaipur. It has a desert and its desert festivals are the other attractions.
Kerala is known for its beautiful beaches, backwaters, and hill towns. Kerala is a state in southern India. Additionally, there are a number of Ayurvedic resorts where visitors can undergo traditional Indian medicinal procedures. This is where Kathakali an extraordinary dance form and the martial art karate have their roots.
This ancient city on the banks of the Ganges River is considered one of the holiest cities in Hinduism and is a popular destination for pilgrims all over the world. Probably one of the oldest cities in the world.
India's capital is a thriving metropolis with a mix of modern and traditional attractions. The Birla Mandir, Swaminarayan Akshardham, Red Fort, the India Gate, Qutb Minar and the Lotus Temple are a few well-known attractions. This is one place in India where a traveller can come across historical buildings in every nook and corner.
The Agra Fort and the Tomb of Itimad-ud-Daulah are two historical landmarks that may be found in Agra in addition to the Taj Mahal.
This is India's financial capital is known for its lively atmosphere and landmarks like the Gateway of India and the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus. Other attraction includes Elephanta Caves located on an island located some 10 KM from the main city.
Ladakh: This region is in the Himalayan mountains with the lowest elevation of 2550 meters and the highest elevation of 7742 meters and is known for its stunning landscapes and Buddhist monasteries. It is also an extremely popular destination for trekkers and adventurers.
Darjeeling:This hill station in the eastern Himalayas is known for its tea plantations and views of Kanchenjunga, the third-highest peak in the world. It is a popular destination for those seeking a break from the heat and dust of India's cities. It is also famous for its tea brand known Darjeeling tea.
Every state has its own set of touristic palaces in India like Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and West Bengal. A traveller should plan for the long haul to enjoy its eternity.

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