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There are many fascinating sites in the globe. Finding the ideal vacation spot is a difficult task for most people. For this reason, bp2see (Best places to see) has ranked and gathered 50 of the world's finest tourist spots. For a traveller, this website can serve as a ready reference.

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World World United States United States France France Japan Japan United Kingdom United Kingdom
India India South Africa South Africa Brazil Brazil Italy Italy Mexico Mexico
Russia Russia Argentina Argentina Germany Germany China China Australia Australia
Canada Canada Indonesia Indonesia Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia South Korea South Korea Turkey Turkey
Spain Spain Singapore Singapore Switzerland Switzerland Austria Austria Malaysia Malaysia
Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Nepal Nepal Portugal Portugal Greece Greece Egypt Egypt
Israel Israel Thailand Thailand Hong Kong Hong Kong Macau Macau United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates
Morocco Morocco Tunisia Tunisia Senegal Senegal Netherlands Netherlands Belgium Belgium
Ecuador Ecuador Poland Poland Hungary Hungary Croatia Croatia Ukraine Ukraine
Czech Republic Czech Republic Peru Peru Colombia Colombia New Zeland New Zeland Kenya Kenya

Note: Several destinations may have restrictions on travelling due to covid19, and it may be better to first check with the World Health Organization travel advisory.

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